Our templates are specially designed to make the best of your images. They use the latest technology to create the best viewing experience whether you are viewing on a phone or 4K screen. They work fast and look beautiful, using as little code as possible to ensure fast-loading sites that work well in all browsers. You can see the range of designs below. Click on one of the images to see the various colour schemes available for that design.


Click on an image below to see the different colour schemes
that are available for that design.

Template Canvas standard
Template Droid
Template Empire standard
Template Milan
Template Montserrat standard slim
Template Montserrat wide slim
Template Plaza
Template Salcombe wide
Template Salcombe wide slim
Template Shore
Template Canvas wide
Template Empire wide
Template Lake
Template Montserrat standard
Template Montserrat wide
Template Pano
Template Promenade
Template Salcombe standard
Template Salcombe standard slim